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fibraLink, pioneers in optical fiber in Menorca

optical fiber in your home in Menorca is now a reality with fibraLink.

Fibralink belongs to the TECAMESA group, a new and completely Menorcan brand which is committed to taking that step further in future technology.

Fibralink delivers “ optical fiber” to our homes, and once again our Menorcan business group carves out new ground.

TECAMESA was founded in 1987, and it was this company who initiated the first television cable network in Spain, in the city of Maó. 11 years on, we've introduced the new brand CMC Menorca which, based on our record and experience, is renowned as the first telecommunications company to use TDT in the Balearic islands.

This Menorcan group's constant quest to serve the interest of Menorcans with the latest and best technology on the market means that optical fiber is now a reality in 98% of homes in Ferreries and 30% in Maó, where the service is now operating. And we keep on progressing so that we can deliver this amazing new technology to all homes and businesses.

Fibralink is both vibrant and ambitious, and now looking into extending their WIMAX service into urbanizations and other areas.