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Corporación Menorquina de Cable S.A. (hereafter Fibralink) which conducts its activity through this website (, with address C/ Deià, 2 - Baixos 07702, Menorca, Balearic Islands Spain informs its clients regarding its Personal Data Policy in compliance with current legislation regarding this matter. FibraLink can modify this policy at its discretion provided it complies with current legislation.

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Users accept that the personal details provided by them, or those that may be provided at a later date to Fibralink, may be used for processing in a personal data file for statistical purposes.

FibraLink shall own and be accountable for any files for this purpose. The owner of the details shall have the right to access the automated files at any given time, also being able to rectify or cancel these details. To do this, owners of details must sent a signed letter to FibraLink's official address as shown at the top of this page, attaching a copy of their ID and address so that FibraLink can confirm acting on their request.

Details required by must be supplied for the purpose of carrying out the contracted service, and FibraLink can refuse to carry out this service if the interested party refuses to impart these details.

Users' consent for the processing and transfer of personal data can be revoked at any given time by sending a written communication to the manager of the files at the above address. This communication must be submitted by the owner of the data, supplying their address and a copy of their ID.

Why contract with us?

Own cable network

FibraLink, pioneers in optical fiber in the Balearics, the only local company with its own cable network in Menorca

Effective and stable speed

The speed that you contract with us is real and very stable, without interferences for both unloading and downloading. The distance from the base unit doesn't affect it

Free registration and installation

Totally free registration and installation in your home and includes the retention of your current telephone number

Customer service

We offer customer and breakdown report service via telephone, internet and our offices in Maó and Ferreries

You are in: Home

Enjoy all the benefits of optical fiber in your home in Menorca

Maximum speed with no cut outs or delays

An actual 20Mb or 50Mb so that you never have to wait to upload your videos, photos and documents, watch movies or listen to music online

Keep your landline number

With fibraLink you can retain your current phone number, save on the cost of the line and make both national landline and mobile calls

Television on all the TVs in your home

More than 50 general and themed channels available on all your TVs at home. Gone are the days when you all have to watch the same thing

High quality videoconferences

Communicate with your family and friends via high quality videoconferences, with no cuts or delays in voice or image.

Play online with no cut outs

Compete with other online users or play your favourite video games by streaming them, making it a great experience with no cut outs

Internet on all your devices

Access the Internet from your PC, tablet, mobile or smart TV at maximum speed and with total comfort                                           

Wi-Fi router gives you maximum cover

Our free Wi-Fi router gives you maximum cover and speed so that you have range anywhere in your home

Instant update of your social profiles

It's never been so fast or easy to upload photos and videos or update your status on social media as it is with our optical fiber

All with just one local operator

Contract all services -Internet, TV, Landline and Mobile-with fibraLink and paying a combined monthly fee in just one invoice


fibraLink customer experiences

Gonzalo Fernández

We are very happy with the fibraLink service. Even though it's an island company, the service is high-quality and customer service is good and nearby. The fact that you get an even 1:1 with 20 Mbps whether it's for up or downloading, with it being fibre optic and a Menorcan company's investment on the island, means that we should be offering them maximum support. We have contracted the INTERNET 20/20 and landline services. I've got lots of reasons for saying that I won't be switching to another company, and I've already mentioned some of them: a Menorcan company's investment, fibre optic, low delay incidence, 1:1 symmetry (hardly any national company offers this), free installation, no long term contract… all I can say is THANK YOU.

Damián Borras Sintes

We've been on fibraLink for 5 months and are very pleased with the change, mainly because of the INTERNET speed which has helped a huge amount with work. Nowadays practically all our company management is run on the INTERNET and with fibre optic speed there are no more delays and hiccups. Sending emails with large content is done in seconds, we can also download big catalogues in no time. This something new and it's so satisfying when you try and test it. Now we have all our telecommunication services with just one company and also with denomination of origin. Apart from the internet, we've contracted the landline service with the possibility of double call and a mobile line. We are just delighted.